Older Artists Group

Wed 21 June , 3PM-5:30PM // FREE

Join us for the next meeting, No formal booking required but if you could let us know you are planning to come we would appreciate it: info@pacitticompany.com.

Convened by Ipswich based artists Giovanna Maria Casetta and Robert Pacitti, this new older artists group invites makers aged 50+ (or those who strongly identify with being older) to join the dialogue. This group is particularly aimed at artists who have/had practices which are radical, political or marginalised. Come and discuss issues that arise from being older, especially becoming invisible, or being viewed as the “old guard” whilst still working flat out for change. How can we ensure our legacy is passed on to the next generation and what difficulties do we face in sustaining our practices as we age? We envisage the group being a safe place for discussion and exchange of ideas ensuring that we remain an important and necessary part of the cultural landscape we inhabit.

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Older Artists Group

Wed 21 June // FREE

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