To create and curate meaningful interdisciplinary art, shared with audiences in new and accessible ways.
To create innovative learning offers and structured practical pathways that nurture and develop high-potential artists, students and cultural workers.


To utilise performance as a mechanism for creating new and dynamic discourses around both society and the art form. The Company draws upon real experiences of oppression and privilege, in order to make public interdisciplinary works that are at once urgent and considered.

Pacitti Company recognises the intelligence and complexities of audiences and as such strives to produce works that are respectful of this. The Company builds upon an internal history of clear aesthetic ambitions and considers it appropriate to engage aspects of Fine Arts, Music, Film, Storytelling, New Technologies, Science, Medicine, Politics, Psychology, History and Philosophy as vital components of its work.


Pacitti Company was formed in 1990 to enable the vision and practice of artist Robert Pacitti. Drawing on a background of punk, activism, fine art and club land, Pacitti Company spent 15 years making and presenting award winning international group and solo performance works for a range of theatre, gallery and site-specific spaces worldwide.

In 2007 Robert created the SPILL Festival of Performance (SPILL), deliberately forcing a large-scale, high visibility sustainable shift in the UK cultural landscape for experimental live work. SPILL was born through being in service to other makers, and serving audiences the very best work from across the country and around the world. SPILL is now recognised worldwide as the UK’s premier artist-led festival of radical live work, and has redefined what experimental live work can achieve. The festival became annual in 2011, alternating between London and Ipswich.

In 2009 Pacitti Company was awarded ‘Artists taking the lead’ for the East of England, a major project at the heart of London 2012 supported by Arts Council England. The resulting work, On Landguard Point, involved 20,000 people in the creation of multiple live events and other outcomes across a 3-year period, including a full-length feature film and a permanent exhibition, now housed at The Museum of East Anglian Life in Suffolk.

Initially setting up an Ipswich office in 2009, the Company fully relocated from London to Suffolk in 2012. It established a purpose built studio and office complex, housed in the specially refurbished Victorian Wing of the Ipswich Museum. From here, the Company runs a rolling public programme of talks, salons, feasts, exhibitions, performances, installations, training in new technologies, artist surgeries and more. Much of the curated programme is free and lots of events are offered for £5. This pricing has been a deliberate strategy to ensure the art at the core of Pacitti Company’s offer is financially accessible. The Think Tank has developed a diverse, loyal core audience, including non-usual arts attenders.

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